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My journey with photography started when I picked up an old film camera in a vintage shop while on my art college lunch break way back in 2015. I've always loved film and there's just something so special about it that you just can't replicate with digital photography. It’s a medium that was said to die out after digital photography was created, but, it’s coming back with a vengeance. It’s extremely popular with fine art photographers and is gaining lots of popularity amongst wedding photographers as well.

For those of you who aren't familiar with 35mm film, it works in the same way that disposable cameras work. Film photography is created by using a roll of light-sensitive film and using the camera shutter to expose the film to light - which creates your image. The images are then developed in a dark room, digitally scanned and very minimally digitally manipulated. The main difference between disposable cameras and professional 35mm film photography, is that I use professional film cameras with interchangeable lenses and settings, to achieve stunning background blur and high quality images.



Film photography gives an entirely different feel than digital photography. Film photography is a nostalgic, vintage, grainy work of art. These moments preserved on 35mm film will remain some of your favourite one-of-a-kind family heirlooms.

Simply put, film photography is magic and just cannot be replicated digitally.


The process of shooting film is all kinds of exciting. There's no digital screen to show you how the image will turn out, there's no guarantee of how grainy it will look and you have to wait days to even see the images from taking the film to the development lab. I personally thrive off the unknown, it's nerve wracking and exciting all at once.

"There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” - Bob Ross


Shooting film is a beautifully unpredictable process.


Sometimes there's light leaks. Sometimes there's motion blur. Sometimes slightly under or over exposed.


You get all the imperfections of light and colour, with all the nostalgic grain and shadow of film that makes 35mm film so charming. 

Each image is imperfectly perfect.



35mm film can be added onto any shoot, whether it's a wedding day, elopement or family shoot, for £100 per roll.

Each roll of film produces approximately 32 images, however these can be slightly more or less depending on the film.

This price includes the roll of film, all the developing costs, all the high resolution scanning costs and digital editing and colour correcting to enhance the images.

There's no limit on how many rolls of film you can purchase, the more the better!

If you'd like to add film onto your existing package, or book a shoot with digital and film coverage, just get in contact via my social media or contact page with your details and ideas for how many rolls of film you'd like - and let's experience the beauty of film together!

You can see some of my 35mm film portfolio here.

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